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Here's a quick explanation to the different forms of Reiki, their benefits, and why they may be right for you.


Also known as Usui Reiki, this is the foundation of all Reiki. Using universal life energy, it travels to the areas of your mind, body, and soul that need the most attention. Usually saught out for physical, emotional and spiritual imbalances that are not deep routed. This is a great healing for anyone looking to find immediate emotional release from pressing matter currently affecting you, those who need physical relief, and mental clarity.


Great for deep emotional healing, and spiritual healing. Kurana Reiki uses the energy of all enlightened individuals across space and time to help you purify your centers.


The procedure for this all all other forms of Reiki are the same. The only difference is the kind of energy being used, and the focal point of the healing. 


Perfect for opening up your spiritual centers across time and space. Rainbow reiki helps you connect to the divine so that you can find your true spiritual purpose in this life. 

Rainbow Reiki attunes all seven chakra centers simultaneously so that they harmonize with each other rather than individually. This allows for a sense of invigorating intuitive insights, more connectedness with yourself and the environment, and sharing yourself with the light of love to the world!


The Kundalini is the creative force energy of the universe. Some have associated it with the big band and he energy it originally produced. This energy lies in every portion of our being, and when unlocked can bring a accelerated pursuit to your most authentic self. 

Kundalini Reiki help you define who you are, your valuable talents, and what you need to do to be your most authentic-self. This is a vitalizing energy that restores large reserves of energy to you mind, body and spirit. This kind of Reiki is perhaps the strongest in potential, the first being Antojai Healing.

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