This is a popular house favorite that balances the mind, body, and soul. The Blossom incorporates Thai body work, deep tissue, acupressure, meridian work, stretching, breathing, meditation exercises, trance, aroma & audio therapy, reiki healing, chakra healing, ascended healing, crystal healing, & color therapy. By realigning the metaphysical anatomy of the human body with the physical you receive mental clarity, release of blockages that effect your day to day life, promote your energetic and immune system, improve sleep, relieve anxiety, stress, depression, and reach a profound physical & metaphysical peace. This is custom tailored shamanic healing that realigns the mind, body, and soul to positive vibrations. It can improve creativity, vitality, emotional control, your connection to your spirituality, the clarity of the consciousness, negative patterns found within the subconscious, general health, and other blockages tied in with the chakra system. This kind of healing has been reported to change aspects of ones life by promoting change through maintaining high positive vibrations.



Chakra Balance

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