The Kundalini 

“A energetic super sensory state that grants us clear access to our highest potential.”


The Kundalini is the release of flow of vital energy trapped at the base of the spine. This energy travels through the chakras which eventually opens us up to expanded states of consciousness.


This is a very powerful experience that can be achieved through yoga, shamanic practice, and Antojai energy healing.

*Antojai Kundalini does not require, or involve yoga. This is not a psychic development course.


The Kundalini at times may activate itself, either through practices, lifestyle, general health, traumatic moments, and spiritual orientation. This energy commonly moves through someone who has reached a certain point in their spiritual, and energy practices. Its main function is the identity shift into a new perspective of reality.


When spiritually ready, the experience of the kundalini can be blissful, feeling love and the interconnectedness of matter in the universe. When not ready, it can feel more like a deep detox of your entire existence. This sometimes involves changes of diet, what seems like a temporary psychotic break, altered sleep cycles, changes in identity, or confronting one’s anxiety and depression.


Due to the possibilities of this awakening, when you schedule an appointment, Master Antojai calls you for a short interview to examine if you are ready to take this shift. If so, he then gives you the preparation request desired for the highest result. If not ready, Master Antojai goes over a strict plan to prepare you for this healing.


People report having a sense of clarity, knowledge, and shift in reality. This change has been reported to help repair broken relationships, pursue a more authentic-self, be more in tune with nature, bring back a sense of purpose in one’s life, and aid in the ascension process.


A person that enlightenments through the kundalini usually gravitates themselves toward work in harmonious areas. These usually tie in with your true life’s calling. Sometimes this inspires a change in careers. They learn what really matters in their life, and how to better fulfill themselves. Your communication style may also change, making you clearer with your expression.


If you have wanted a deeper connection to the roots of life, to free yourself from unhelpful thinking patterns about yourself or others, be more compassionate and loving, and begin a path of feeling freedom from your normal state of mind, the kundalini awakening is something to pursue. Most feel free from mental divisions, and report being open mindfulness in daily life.


Kundalini awakening doesn’t change the course of your life; it changes how you interact and respond to life. It grants higher perspective so that we can change the things that no longer serve us, and the energy to pursue our authentic self. It helps remove conditioning from childhood, and traumas that no longer serve us as we purify our lives.


Kundalini is usually part of major psychic changes. It helps with raising your vibration to the fourth and fifth dimensions of consciousness that can help you transcend physical limitation. Scientist explain that once the kundalini energy at the base of the spine travels up to the brain, there is a sudden, and powerful transcendental meditation unlike any other. This is why a strong mind, and preparation is required. You cannot undergo this process without taking the right steps to open and purify the channels of the subtle body.

It rewires your system, bringing high levels of awareness to the forefront. It’s literally a reprogramming of the energetic bodies by opening the chakras to the source of creation, and helping eliminate the human hindrances of duality.




*Temporary common symptoms include: tingling, muscle twitches, kriyas, stinging prickles, freezing, hot flashes, sweating, hot bones, body vibration, sore muscles, flashes of light in the mind, rushes of energy moving up the spine, external rain, pulse in root and crown chakras, increased sexual energy, spontaneous orgasms, insights, frequent changes in sensory perception, amplified senses, altered states of consciousness, going out of body, organ cleansing, electric shocks, buzzing in body, shaking, shivers, hearing tones, change in sleep and eating patterns, hyperactivity, headaches, pressure in skull, visions, visits from extraterrestrials or guides, spontaneous crying or laughing, mystical experiences and more.



Kundalini Energy Awakening

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