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Final Space

Helps clean the subconscious of lingering emotions and stress.


1. Find a nice relaxing space where no one will bother you, and keep a notebook with pen handy.

2. Begin breathing, and relax every muscle, and portion of your being.

3. Imagine you are in a space craft that has ran out of fuel. You only have a few hours before life support goes down. You decide to use the remaining time you have writing your final words to those closest to you. You may have things to say to others outside your immediate circle.

4. Think about what you would say, or write. Feel free to write these thoughts down on your notepad.

5. Reflect on your final thoughts. Is there unfinished business you should take care of to make yourself feel better? Perhaps a, "I love you.".... or just a real heart to heart with someone?

Use this information to better yourself and your relationships.

Carrasquillo, A. (2017). Antojai Shamanic Wellness

Copyright © 2017 Antojai Shamanic Wellness, All rights reserved.

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