Manifesting Your Good

How to manifest your desires

1. Find a quiet place to relax. Make sure to keep your back straight, and relax either sitting, or laying. You should try to make this a daily thing is possible. Manifesting is like feeding a fire. The more wood you give the fire, the larger it grows. Manifestation needs to gather momentum before you can really see its full extent.

A lot of times, people hear about the law of attraction, also known as manifesting...and think that it will happen almost instantly. They are not far with the theory, but you need to gather the energy for things to move faster. I have been manifesting for years and years! Yes, things do randomly happen to fall on my lap when desired, but I have been feeding my manifestation's fire for a long time. Just like working out, if you don't keep it up- you won't tone.

Depending on how determined you are about your goal, determines how fast it will manifest. It usually takes someone with intense desire to feed their manifestation into effect. Remember, if you think feeding your manifestation everyday is a hastle; the rewards you get from doing so will make you forget about the feeding. Career, finance, love, personal, WHATEVER!

2. Begin to breathe comfortably, taking a deep breath as you go along. After some time, begin to imagine yourself completing your goals.

Really feel the emotions that you would after completing your goals. Make it as vivid as you can. Bring the future into the present, and feel yourself living your life happily. Do this for as long as you would like. Longer practice brings more positive light to ones life. Make it a daily part of living for the best results. Remember to keep your manifestation reasonable to your current position in life. You can't expect to manifest a million dollars in one week. It's possible, but until you get the hang of how it works- keep it simple. Try something like- a date, or a gig you may want. A few months ago, I de