Healing yourself from PTSD with Alternative Medicine!

My personal journey 

PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), Is one of the toughest conditions I have personally had to deal with. For years it haunted me, taking away my peace. It was during those years that I decided to put my expertise of medical Shamanism to good use. I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t want to test the full range of healing that could come from Shamanic Medicine.  I told myself that I had helped so many people with different conditions because I had healed myself first. Which eventually gave me knowledge to help other people dealing with those blockages I had conquered.  I saw a PTSD as nothing different. As a shaman, it is a custom to heal yourself from your past demons, current emotional blockages, and any subconscious hindrance that is stopping you from living to your truest potential. The following advice comes from three years of my personal battle with PTSD. This is what helped me get my life back, so I could go back to being who I really was.

For those of you unfamiliar with post-traumatic stress disorder, it’s a condition that comes after experiencing a traumatic event.  Some events have greater weight than others, and it’s those events that can leave a haunting impression on us.  PTSD is most commonly seen in soldiers, but is not limited to war. Child abuse can lead to PTSD, and other social scars can do the same thing.  The results are uncontrollable flashbacks. These flashbacks can be extremely vivid, throwing the person back to the moment that caused their trauma. For some it completely immobilizes them, and for others it makes living extremely difficult. You may feel an uncontrollable urge to sleep for several days, all while having nightmares and confusing thoughts. Those are only some of the blockages that at person with PTSD can be facing.

For me personally, I would sleep for days… with no energy to eat, shower, or other.  My friends would have to wake me, and help me with the most basic of things. If not, I would sleep like a fairytale character cursed by some witch.  My dreams became so frequent, and vivid, that I would wake up at times questioning what was fact from fiction.  There’re times where I would begin reliving a memory, but then the effects of dreaming would tamper with the memory.  There were days where I would spend the entire day trying to sort out what wasn’t part of a dream.  My fear, was letting the dream take control over my psyche, my reality. I was most certain that insanity would be the result if I slipped.  If I didn’t experience lapses in my memory, I would have dreams of an epic battle that I was in the middle of. For those of you familiar with Dragon ball Z (anime show), I was always in the final showdown with Broly… the legendary super Saiyan. If he one, I would sleep for another few days; if I won, I would have a few days to a week of regular living.  It became a priority to never lose this battle. It was after I won, that I would dedicate myself to cherishing every actual living moment I had.