Why Gemstone Mala Jewelry Is Right For You!

The Benefits of Reiki Gemstones in Jewelry

Gemstones have been known throughout the centuries for their magical properties. Modern science has shown that stones vibrate, can conduct as well as cancel various waves, and other certain stones such as quartz can retain information.

That's why mala jewelry can help you reach certain goals, desires, dreams, and outcomes. Gemstones can influence the deepest portions of the subconscious, conscious, chakras, physical body, soul, the environment, and beyond!

Just like ingredients in any recipe, a mala is the final result from a mixture of gemstone vibration ingredients.

It's not enough to just put a bunch of stones together without knowing how their properties interact. In fact, we highly advise against it. Just as mixing chemicals you don't understand that could potentially end up with an awful disaster, the same goes with vibrational alternative medicine. Gemstone mixture is part quantum science. That's why it is extremely important to know what you're doing.

I've been doing this all of my life using what my masters passed on to me, and what my experiments taught me through personal experience. Here at Antojai we are masters at mala design, and experts in chakra dynamics. Every piece produces results for its owner (given proper application by the owner).