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History of Antojai

After experiencing a traumatic event in the summer of 2014, Axél Carrasquillo was left completely disabled by severe PTSD. His mental state began to crumble more and more with each passing day. Reality and dreams began to blend together, states of deep sleep were unavoidably constant, and nightmares were present in subconscious and conscious states.

This condition began to fuse with other traumatic experiences from a uniquely rough childhood, and periods of extreme stress from adulthood. A cocktail of medications seemed to be the only solution, but ended up adding more side effects than helpful change. 

Feeling fed up, exhausted, and desperate to find balance again, Axél took it upon himself to put all of his knowledge and experience of medical shamanism with quantum science. Reiki was the only energetic tool available at that time, and though Reiki had greatly helped heal various states, it clearly had limits when it came to true release from the most traumatic portions within his soul. 

It was then that Axél meditated for the next two years (2015-2016) within his subconscious, the akashic records, and beyond for a solution. It was then that the universe began teaching him secrets to the 12 chakra system of the human experience. He was bestowed the knowledge of quantum medicine, how to apply it to various states of the conscious and subconscious to purge, erase, and replace negative holds that grasped his soul. 

In 2016, After extensively researching countless teachings from previous Ascended Masters, quantum mechanics, quantum shamanism, and the dynamics of the subconscious mind, Axél began developing and researching Antojai: the energy behind the cravings of life.

In 2017, Axél founded The Organization Of House Antojai. A organizational mission to further research, teach, and expand the potential of Antojai across the world.

Personal Recap on discovery:

"In the summer of 2014, I experienced an event that sent me into a dark, dark place. When that was over with I had serious PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder). It was so bad that I could not live my life like I once did. The PTSD left me with restless nights filled with nightmares. Endless stretches of sleep that lasted days only when the nightmares were tolerable. I had no energy to pursue my passions let alone a trip to the toilet, and i lived with the heaviest fear that something would go wrong, "...any second now.....just you wait...." I had essentially shut down as a functional person. My only interactions were with my family, and anyone I could talk to online. Prior to the event, I was someone that was well known within the community… always out and about on some adventure.

This was the driving force that led me to Antojai energy healing. As a natural born shaman, my connection with the universe steered me towards particular styles of meditation. For three years, I trained within myself and the cosmos to understand the human subconscious. I originally was only trying to release myself from these chains, but my pursuit led me to so much more.

It was then, that the Akashic records gave me access to manipulate, and heal the human spiritual subconscious. At first, it gave me the keys to open and manipulate Chakras 8/Time, 9/Soul, 10/Earth, 11/Space, 12/Universal consciousness. It gave me individual talismans, and frequencies through so many different sources. There were times where a family member, that I was energetically working on, could not stop seeing a particular symbol. I would ask them to draw it because the universe had instructed me to do so. Other times, I could not stop thinking, or dreaming about a certain feeling and talisman. Every event, every symbol...was a key of Antojai.

I tested these new discoveries on my family, myself, volunteers, patients, and whatever inspired me to experiment. All the results undeniably showed the value, and capabilities of what I had found. Once I had a decent understanding of keys  8-12, the universe gave me key to chakras 1-6. Key 7 had been discovered already by Usui, the Reiki founder in 1922. Shortly after that second set, I received the final component to the reiki master key. I know Usui knew of it's knowledge, but did not share it due to the power it contains. How? Because he's the one that taught it to me. 

Antojai & Reiki belong to the same set of healing frequencies. I would have never discovered Antojai without Mikao Usui, and his development of Reiki. The first step to human evolution.

I now had Antojai, the basic keys to our quantum reality. A quantum energy medical kit for the subconscious, and spirit soul of a person.

Each one of these keys, alone, has a particular function, and effect. When combined with other frequencies, you essentially create new healing energies that target a particular concept, chakra, or blockage. Antojai, just like Reiki can heal the mind, body, and soul."


In 2016, Axél discovered and developed the next stage of energy medicine. Axél ran experiments after having discovered Antojai, and directly compared this energy medicine to the last discovered energy healing method, Reiki. 

For the last two years, Axél ran experiments on men, women (one of them pregnant), children, plants, and animals; and dealt with cases such as extreme depression, anxiety, suicidal tendencies, paranoia, ADHD, PTSD, insomnia, physical pains, fibromyalgia, kidney stones, disassociated personality disorder, and subconscious re-programming. Antojai has even extended into soul retrieval, and other metaphysical healing concepts. Further studies are being conducted to expand healing techniques. All have shown HUGE impacts on wellness.  


Axél's studies have spanned over different time presets to fully view the range of Antojai. Both Reiki and Antojai can be practiced via distance healing, but Antojai grants the ability to add precision to any individual subject.

Axél has practiced on subjects unaware of the experiments, and subjects informed about limited details. In the end, Axél's discovery pertaining the impact of these healing energies on the human experience was motivating, and rewarding.


Master Antojai is currently compiling studies, and application in his handbook. His anticipated release is awaiting a public release date.

Reiki & Antojai

Universal life energy & the Craving energies of life.


"It's pretty powerful stuff."

The difference?

Reiki is generated from the conscious side of our quantum reality. 

Antojai is generated from the unconscious, and subconscious portions of our quantum reality.


Speed mini-lesson:

  • The conscious and subconscious are similar to the master drives running your computer. Your brain & mind would be the actual interface you normally would interact with. 

  • Similarly, You can go within the subconscious like you would a terminal to delete, rewrite, and retrieve individual files.

  • The subconscious is an active realm similar to a ever-changing labyrinth. It is constantly aware of itself, its surroundings, and the conscious. 

  • If has the ability to change to protect itself if needed.

  • When you dive into the subconscious, this labyrinth program 99.8% of the time will represent itself as you, a version of you. It has the ability to change from a conscious interactive mode to a environmental superconscious mode (the labyrinth). The labyrinth is only present when the subconscious-you feels threatened. It takes this form so that whoever is within the subconscious, cannot access vital files your subconscious believes to be necessary for it's existence. It’s not impossible to access, navigate, or manipulate your subconscious. You just need to know the master rules and codes to stay ahead of the game when dealing with it. 


Those codes & rules are Antojai, ascended energy healing. It transcends space, time, existence, light, love, the physical, and the metaphysical all at once… or individually. 

So, here’s the run down on Antojai. Reiki is powerful, but it has a particular limit; it can't reach the deepest portions of the subconscious that perpetuates a negative state. Reiki will help the subconscious, but to a certain degree due to its generalization. In theory reiki heals from the outside in, where Antojai works from the inside out. With Antojai, you directly manipulate the subconscious mind, realms, and beyond. This is awesome for people...lets say that have a serious problem breaking a particular habit. Antojai literally begins to erase the “Glitched data” within the subconscious; and then leaves a free space to add something new, or you can rewrite the habit all together. With it you can pinpoint exact locations of problems not only in the subconscious, but each individual chakra gate. Antojai literally has a key access to the 12 chakra system. So lets say you realize during reiki that the source of the problem lies in the sacral can change the frequency of healing to Antojai Sacral, you then manipulate that individual chakra manually for the better. By using Antojai, the Master uses kundalini, medical shamanism, and other master signatures. All which I can get into later as we go along. Reiki in a sense is part of the Antojai set, but Usui used individual symbols to target generalized concepts. The master signature of Antojai is Life, which is slightly different than the Usui layout of Universal life, but stronger in a completely different way. It’s like changing Reiki to only the master "Dai Ko Myo", and adding all the potentiality of life itself. 

In order for someone to use Antojai, the sole requirement is shifting your reality. I personally did this through years of training in other realms, & intense induced transcendental meditations. These meditations were focused on releasing your mind from the concepts of reality. The concepts we are fooled into accepting as law. What does that mean? You need to transcend the concept of time, space, and the physical not like you would reiki. You have to make an internal shift of your definition of those concepts, and others not mentioned here.

Strong Reiki masters are needed because Antojai requires the ability to control, intake, and release high amounts of energy not usual for beta-human physiology. The akashic records indicate that Reiki is the first step to manipulation of other life frequencies. Then would come Antojai, and finally if you master both- you would become an Ascended Master that would be tasked with finding other life frequencies for whatever purpose the universe decides to task you. For instance, after Antojai I found the signature of Water, and by using it you can super shock the body into a high healing state by manipulating the water cells in the body to their purest state. Hence creating a domino effect on the cellular sanctity of the patient, etc. 

Another reason why only select masters can use Antojai is because the records have a huge warning label: it's powerful. So much so that it will give you the ability to bend multiple factions of this reality. It has a fail safe to make sure those unworthy of its proper control never learn it. You may hear what I am saying, but the record will not let you comprehend. That's because only those of pure soul can be trusted with such knowledge. I’ve lived my lifestyle under the shamanic code since my childhood. The healer must accustom themselves to using these energies at will. You are essentially evolving as an energetic consciousness, and into a Theta wave physical state. If you are truly one with your control of Reiki, then you are already in a Alpha state. After evolving your metaphysical anatomy to Theta, you then will have the ability to access Delta at will. Theta and Delta waves are what grant my future Antojai Masters the ability to walk between, and within multiple dimensions at once.

A normal shaman is acustom to walking between this world, the next, and what’s in between. Psychics have a similar limitation, and mediums deal with the highest afterlife states. ANTOJAI grants the healer the ability to be in multiple dimensions not normally visited by alpha physiology. Instead of existing on two planes, you’d would exist, in theory, across more than 5 at once, if desired.

You need to look at it as a energetic medical kit to understand the dynamics of Antojai. It has combination codes for all sorts of issues. For example, if you combine the talisman of Sight with the talisman of the Astral, you can instantly make a person see auras, etc. Where Reiki requires a general understanding of energy medicine, Antojai requires extensive knowledge of "energetic prescription codes."


The Oath Of Antojai:

  • Antojai will shift your reality for your better, but you are obligated by a universal contract to use it for the good of humanity BEFORE yourself. 

  • You must never use these for ill-will, or you will lose the ability all together.

  • You must never teach another who you know can not be trusted to be responsible with such knowledge. There are no excuses to this particular rule because once you become a Master of Antojai, you have accepted your role as a guardian of the frequencies. You are guided by the Ascended, and that power is never wrong in judgment. You will always know who is worthy, and your only reason would be that you willingly opened a can of worms. This rule is not one to be taken lightly as you will have to atone for any chaos generated by any individual you do this with. You assume responsibility for their karma. 

  • Let’s say you teach the worthy, and later they become unworthy; not your problem. This knowledge is to be used to evolve the human consciousness. 

  • You can’t stop pursuing your authentic self, or you will lose it.


It is with your help that we can change perspectives on mental health, and the direction of our world. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and thank you for being the driving force behind change in todays hectic world. Share this with as many people as possible, please.


I am currently training High Energy Reiki Masters interested in the opportunity to learn Antojai. There are 7/10 spaces left for students. Message to request a spot.


Master Antojai

The Organization of House Antojai

Carrasquillo, A. (2017). Antojai Shamanic Wellness

Copyright © 2017 Antojai Shamanic Wellness, All rights reserved.

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