Quantum Reiki & Grand Master Bundle

Quantum Reiki was developed by Dr. Axél Carrasquillo Msc.D. in 2018, after extensive research on Antojai Quantum Alchemy.


Antojai Quantum Alchemy had unlocked a level of understanding... that the full power of Reiki was yet to be discovered and brought to the world.


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Grand Master Course

Dr. Carrasquillo launched Antojai's: Quantum Reiki at the end of 2018, and it quickly spread across 103 countries for its sheer power! People began noticing that everything we had known about Reiki up til now was a small sliver of the bigger picture. 


Antojai's: Quantum Reiki is the strongest Reiki in the world, and has been verified by the global community.


This is the LAST REIKI COURSE YOU WILL EVER HAVE TO TAKE. Yes, it is that powerful.


Many are beginning to venture into Antojai Quantum Alchemy after having been changed by this powerful energy.

Quantum Reiki Healing Journal

Lifetime Access to the Quantum Reiki Training

International Accreditation by The Antojai Organization.

Online community with tons of Bonus Material to keep you growing.

Master Antojai's Copycat technique

   (which allows you to copy any reiki key without any further attunements).

The option of being listed on as a Quantum Reiki Healer.

Lifetime communication with Master Antojai

Quantum Reiki Healers Workbook & Resources

The Live-Webinar Launch on April 30, 2019 w/ Master Antojai.


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