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Not sure about something?

Try these frequently asked questions!

  • Can Reiki, or Antojai hurt you?"
    No, they can't. Reiki is universal life energy that flows through all life. Antojai is the energy that flows through all reality. We are one with these energies already because they are what created us, currently surround us, and promote our highest state. We are energetic beings! They can only help us, not hurt us. Our healing methods are completely safe because we use only the highest accessable forms of pure energy for healing.
  • What should I expect?
    All sessions are always: -Completely confidential -In an expertly curated, purified, and safe healing space -Incorporated Guided Spiritual Counseling -Fully clothed -Limited hands-on contact, unless requested (some forms of healing require touch) -Tailored exclusively to you for precise targeted healing
  • How many sessions do I need?
    Depending on the kind of session. Reiki tends to be a reoccurring practice. For more serious, or chronic cases, we always recommend learning reiki for yourself so that you can have this valuable healing tool at your finger-tips whenever needed. Antojai does not have a time-out. After you receive a Antojai healing, the healing stays with you as long as you take care of your authentic-self! Since Antojai focuses on changing subconscious patterns, and environmental habits that bring us down; as long as the client continues to go with the guidance of the flow, the healing can last several years. We have clients who come in twice a week, others every month, and some once a year. Some areas of the subconscious are more hard-pressed than others, so they may require a few more sessions. We guide ourselves by the mantra of empowerment. We don't believe in co-dependency. We give you the healing, knowledge, and resources to reach a level of Ascension to continue with your own healing. This is the way of House Antojai.
  • Do I need to prepare for my session?
    -Try to get a good nights rest if scheduling a few days before -Drink 1-3 Cups of water before coming in -Shower, or do what you must to feel refreshed physically This helps shave away some tension before coming in, so that you can recieve a profound healing.
  • What happens post-treatmeant?
    Most commonly reported in both healing styles: Better sleep More energy Better mood Relaxation Emotional Balance Pain managment or healing Antojai: Higher Manifestiation Interdimensional communication Environmental purification Physical, mental, spiritual detoxification Increased synchronicity's Numerology Re-wiring of subconscious patterns Higher & Ascended consciousness
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