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Reiki Level 1: The First Degree

Level 1 is a practitioner's initiation into Reiki and is open to anyone. The focus during Level 1 is on opening the energy channels on a physical level, allowing the practitioner to connect to the universal life force energy, which flows from the cosmos through the crown of the head and down to the heart and hands.


Reiki Level 1 emphasizes focus on practicing Reiki on oneself. Helping yourself work through any self-imposed internal obstacles. The Level 1 attunement is one single attunement. Many experience physical symptoms of energy in their palms after the first attunement which can include tingling, coolness, heat, and energetic oneness. Typically the Level 1 course also includes an overview of the history of Reiki, hand placements, and self or group practice.


Reiki Level 2: Second Degree

Level 2 is often focused on practicing Reiki on others, as well as an expanded opening of the energy channels. Students receive the "Reiki symbols" and Level 2 attunement. The Reiki symbols allow the practitioner to connect more deeply to the universal energy, as well as draw on the qualities that the symbols represent. This includes the ability to provide distance Reiki, or sending healing energy to individuals wherever they may be regardless of Time and Space.


Symbols also may be used to clear energy blockages across time, as well as physical locations. Due to the intensity of the attunement process, some Reiki Masters recommend that at least 21 days to a full three months pass between receiving the Level 1 and Level 2 attunements (Level 1 is required to receive Level 2).


The Level 2 attunement is typically given in one single attunement, with a focus on opening up the central channel even more, with an emphasis on the Heart Chakra. Level 2 also includes practice in drawing the symbols, invoking their qualities, as well as distance healing.


Reiki Level 3: Third Degree & Reiki Master

The Reiki Master Level is traditionally considered the teacher's level  a practitioner who has received the energy and knowledge to attune new Reiki practitioners. 


Becoming a Reiki Master also represents a deep commitment to the Reiki practice, and some feel that significant time should pass between achieving the Second Degree status and Master Level. Because the Master Level is taught in a wide range of methods, you should meditate on which path feels right for you and spend time and consideration in selecting a Master.


The Reiki Levels provide a general organization of the progression of Reiki mastership.


Additional Training:

Reiki Level 4: Ascension & Antojai Reiki Master

This level can only be obtained at Antojai Shamanic Wellness, or The Organization of House Antojai by a Recognized Ascended Antojai Master. This level is only available to Reiki Masters adept at their practice. It teaches them how to summon the purest of life energy across the cosmos. Traditional Reiki Masters learn how to summon life energy from within the environment of this reality to heal. With Antojai Reiki, you learn how to summon Life energy from the direct source from where all Life energy comes from... the dimension of Life itself. Students learn the Ascended Symbols, quantum theory, and understanding of medical quantum shamanism. Advanced application theories are covered so that Masters can send MORE ENERGY with LESS EFFORT, even to multiple targets!  Masters go through quantum training to easily navigate energetic streams. The ultimate understanding of energy medicine by combining ancient master principles with rediscovered quantum understanding. Becoming a Antojai Master also signifies a deep commitment to better the reality we live in, by improving the energetic content that surrounds us through quantum healing. Students who successfully complete this level with have the option of being listed on the organizations practitioners list.  This level is recommended after Masters have had several months to apply, experiment, and become one with the Traditional Reiki teachings.


Usui Reiki Mastery, Full Course

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  • Classes are non-refundable, by may be adjusted by appointment date.

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