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Dec 16, 2015

Rochester, MI


“Axel is fantastic, I've known him for many years and I couldn't recommend anyone better. I've never really seen myself as a "massage person" but Axel has converted me.”

Dec 17, 2015

Farmington, MI

Emma J.

“It is with utmost satisfaction that I recommend Axél as a masseur and spiritual healer. I decided to inquire about an appointment for the hell of it, and I'm glad I did. He is incredibly down-to-earth, sincere, and skilled at his multitude of crafts. My oil massage felt incredible — but better than that was the ambient environment in which it took place. He also employed aromatherapy and guided breathing for an enhanced meditative experience.

I had a lot of questions about spiritual cleansing and aligning the chakras, and was quite frankly surprised and impressed at the sheer wealth of knowledge he had acquired on the subjects thus far in his lifetime.

If you're looking for dynamic, compassionate healing in massage therapy or beyond, give Axél a call! He's LGBTQ-friendly, too!”

Dec 15, 2015

Southfield, MI


“Axel is absolutely incredible! hes been my bestfriend for years but the things that he can do with his unique crafts are unmatched ilike anything ive ever seen! i highly recommend him not only as his friend but as an extremely satisfied and impressed client of many years!”

Dec 10, 2015

Ferndale, MI

Josh M.

“Axel provided an amazingly relaxing experience. He was able to relieve stress all over my body that I could simply never hope to do alone. He was also easy to reach, very friendly, and welcoming, and he showed a genuine interest in the issues that led me to seek a massage therapist. The concern shown for my whole well-being was greatly appreciated. It is no wonder he has received so many positive reviews. I will be visiting again.”

Oct 10, 2015

Ferndale, MI

Joe M.

“Heard about Axél through a friend. I have been having issues with my neck/shoulder area and my friend suggested that the pain may be related to stress and that Axél could help me with both.  
Axél is very easy to talk to and has a very calming presence. I felt comfortable right from the start. He told me a lot about myself right from the start which was pretty cool. 
It's amazing how you can think one issue is the cause of all your stress and through someones' guidance you can see clearer and find the real reasons behind your stress and pain. We worked out some issues and some knots haha.
I left feeling relaxed, less stressed and with a much improved neck. I really enjoyed the session and will definitely be back.”

Oct 06, 2015

Cleveland, OH

Jamie E.

“When I read his reviews and profile I just had to check this guy out to see if he really is the real deal!

Very talented individual in many aspects. 

He gave me a totally new experience so powerfully moving I was left speechless. He seriously is in tune with some sort of celestial understanding that let's him heal not only your body, but your soul! I have never been too keen on the whole medium psychic stuff until now! 

You can feel this...divine presence just being in the same room with him. His voice is so soothing, and I was able to talk to him as though he was my best friend for years.  

He's literally beautiful inside & out. His work should be taken seriously by all, and HIGHLY RESPECTED.

I later went on to explore his art, which is just a therapeutic as his touch.

Absolutely astonishing! 
Worth EVERY cent, if not more!

Thank you Axél, I will see you again very soon.”

Sep 12, 2015

Des Plaines, IL

Adam Gooding

“He has knowledgable skills and his ability to connect was evident both in his touch and instructional speech. When I had my eyes shut I couldn't tell where I was most of the time.

I was feeling ill for about a month - tired, groggy and congested. I came to Axel for a crystal healing session after I had exhausted all other known remedies. I felt at home and comfortable and was very appreciative of the time Axel took to explain the process. 

I have used his multiple times for spiritual therapy. Axel was spot on with what he was saying and has even inspired me to make positive and healthy lifestyle changes. Thanks for helping me get back to feeling good again! Two Thumbs up!”

Sep 08, 2015

Bloomfield Hills, MI

Antonio Renee

“Axél and Antoja offer a great perspective on alternative health. During my appointment, we discussed the benefits of meditation for relaxation and other techniques for stress-relief. 

The aromatherapy, music and massage definitely relieved the tension from my neck and back, renewing my energy and outlook for the week! Looking forward to my next visit.”

Sep 05, 2015

New York, NY

Jake S.

“I had a great Reiki Healing experience from Axel. It immediately made me feel physically lighter and happier overall. I appreciate the time he spent working with me. I also came to Axel with my concerns of energies I see and concerns of my origin. He answered all the questions I had and ones I hadn't even posed. It definitely helped me to put my path into perspective and is an experience that I'll always remember. Thanks again so much!!”

Sep 04, 2015

Spring Hill, FL

Richard D.

“This has been one of the most profound experiences I've ever had. 

Axél not only has the best therapy technique I have experienced, but his shamanistic skills are no laughing matter. 

I travel for a living, as such I am accustomed to getting massage, but no one has ever shown a heavy understanding of how the nerves, muscles, and energy are connected to your being. I thought I knew my body problems well, but he was able to bring stresses and pains that where under the radar to my attention. 

My session was part massage and part shamanic counseling. Axél was able to read my energies & chakras so effectively that he was able to tell me details about my life, and the problems I was facing without really knowing me. Details that only those close to me would know. It was powerful! He was even able to tell me what my house looked like, what my relationship to my husband was, and much much more. He further went on to tell me how to fix the stress factors in my life...I followed his advice...and as he said it happened.

Very powerful holistic healer and spiritual healer. 

I have come to him since for my holistic well-being and for his profound insight into the future & the soul. 

He's an absolutely BEAUTIFUL person, to the core and physically. 
Extremely comfortable to talk to, and trust."

Sep 02, 2015

Gervais in Marquette, MI


“Extraordinary! Axel's combination of energy and body work is highly effective. I recommend to all his clients to take the time during a massage to intentionally look into his eyes - the experience is incredibly therapeutic and soothing. I walked out of the session a happier, healthier person. Thank you.”

Jul 22, 2015

Royal Oak, MI


“It was an excellent experience. He was able to accommodate me on short notice. He did not rush the appointment. I left very relaxed and satisfied.”

Jun 18, 2015

Royal Oak, MI


“This was an awesome massage. Axel seemed to know what parts of my body needed work better then I did. He made me completely relaxed. I will definitely be back.”

May 31, 2015

Redford, MI


“Axel made me feel at ease as this was our first massage. He asked enough questions to pinpoint focus areas and after an aromatherapy start, he got to work. Axel's training is evident as he know where to push and focus to bring about the requested results. I left relaxed and ready to schedule another massage with Axel.”

Apr 22, 2015

Charter Township Of Clinton, MI

Nick L. 

“Axel is fantastic!! Every time I've gotten a massage it has been exactly what I was looking for. I always leave feeling relaxed and calm. Looking forward to my next appointment with him!!”

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