Easy Chakra Clean-up

Clearing your chakras

Need to speed rebalance your Chakras?

Chakras are spinning spheres of energy in, and out of the body. Each one is tied to a particular set of physical, spiritual, and psychological functions. When your chakras are blocked, you may feel out of place in your life. Sometimes, illness manifests as a cause of our chakras not being balanced. So if you don't know much about the chakras, NO WORRIES! I'll walk you through a simple clean up to get you back on track.

Root Chakra ---> Existance ---> Fear

Located at the base of the pelvis, the Root Chakra is tied to your general sense of safety. When you worry about loss, money, bills, anything tied to your base well-being ... you force your Root Chakra to slow down, or even stop.

The key to unblocking it is simple: let go of your fears. I know it sounds crazy hard to do, but just give your worries to your gaurdians, god, the universe, - whatever you connect with. Really focus on the fear going away. Vividly feel your security.

Know that the universe has your back.

Exist without fear.

Take a deep