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Easy Chakra Clean-up

Clearing your chakras

Need to speed rebalance your Chakras?

Chakras are spinning spheres of energy in, and out of the body. Each one is tied to a particular set of physical, spiritual, and psychological functions. When your chakras are blocked, you may feel out of place in your life. Sometimes, illness manifests as a cause of our chakras not being balanced. So if you don't know much about the chakras, NO WORRIES! I'll walk you through a simple clean up to get you back on track.

Root Chakra ---> Existance ---> Fear

Located at the base of the pelvis, the Root Chakra is tied to your general sense of safety. When you worry about loss, money, bills, anything tied to your base well-being ... you force your Root Chakra to slow down, or even stop.

The key to unblocking it is simple: let go of your fears. I know it sounds crazy hard to do, but just give your worries to your gaurdians, god, the universe, - whatever you connect with. Really focus on the fear going away. Vividly feel your security.

Know that the universe has your back.

Exist without fear.

Take a deep breath.

Sacral Chakra ---> Accept ---> Guilt

Located just under the belly button, the Sacral chakra is tied to your emotional center. When this chakra is out of alignment, you may be moody, less sexually driven, and less honest with yourself. Holding on to guilt, anger, and dense feelings are literally holding you back. Even if you feel like you can't be getting affected by these semi-invisible are. The smallest grudge can hinder your growth in massive ways.

Let go of any guilt you may have. It's done, in the past, and no matter how much you would like to change the subject that makes you feel guilt... you can't. So forgive yourself! Give yourself a few hugs while you let go of all the guilt you have been carrying up til now.

Accept the guilt, let it go, and move on.

Take a deep breath.

Solar Plexus Chakra ---> Transcend ---> Shame

The Solar plexus Chakra is located at the bottom, center portion of your rib cage. This chakra is tied to the mind, and all the programmed cultural beliefs we hold.

Many times, if we feel like we have sinned against a moral we grew up believing...shame follows. Even if you don't feel shame in this regard, any shame is holding you back from seeing the bigger picture in front of you. You may be losing focus, or can't feel confident in making a desicion.

Let go of the shame! My mother used to say, "Oh Axél, take a f*** it pill already!" That's my advice too! Shame is one of the worst blockages because it can really stop you from being who you really are, and want to be! Let the universe take that shame, and return it to you as light that heals.

Transcend past your mental boundaries, so that you can welcome in a better you.

Take a deep breath.

Heart Chakra ---> Past ---> Love

Located at the center of the chest, the Heart Chakra holds all of the love you have ever felt, and all the past experiences tied to that love. When we are not in tune with this chakra, we tend to have constant flashbacks about things we feel unresolved in, "I should have done x, y, z." This chakra is the bridge to connecting to all other chakras above. If you have no love for yourself, or no love in will feel like you can't relate to humanity. It can cause jealousy, and more.

Think of all the love you have ever felt throughout your existance. Accept the people you loved, and perhaps had to let go. Feel no shame for loving them, or for loving yourself. Before you move on to the next chakra- make sure you find love for yourself. Love your positive and negative (yin & yang).

I always think of this: My spirit animal is a Falcon. Falcons & People are both animals. A falcon accepts and embraces all that it is, making it a powerful beauty. I must learn to know what my organic positives, and my organic negatives are; embrace them, and evolve. I fondly believe that + & - are necesarry for life in this reality. We focus so much on embracing one, and suppressing the other that we restrict ourselves from actually being who we are.

You are lieing to yourself if you are convinced that you only have positives. No matter how much of a wonderful light you are, there's still the darker side. It's when we lie about having negatives that those negatives get out of control.

Take a deep breath.

Throat Chakra ---> Voice ---> Sound

Located at your throat, the Throat chakra is tied to your truths. When we stop ourselves from expressing ourselves, or we bottle things that should have been said...this chakra spins out of control. If you are like me, and can see auras all the time, you may notice blue is a common color for people. Why? They are keeping secrets they feel shame over, or guilt for not really standing up for themselves. Sometimes the person has no one to talk to. It's critical to make sure this chakra is well.

The meditation for this one is tricky. You can allow yourself to begin speaking your truths from today forward. You can also focus on saying the things that you have bottled up. If you don't want to share with others, just write it in a notebook, say them out loud to get it off your chest, and leave the negativity on the pages you wrote on.

Another way you can avoid blocking this chakra is by being mega real all the time. I used to go places, and if anyone ever said anything rude...I would stay silent as to preserve the peace. Almost as though I was addicted to maintaining zen, even at my own disadvantage. I would go home, and feel like crap, for hours, because I should have said something. Not because I wanted to start anything. It's simply because it gives you self-worth. This only allows you to love the trancendance you are accepting to be your new existence, but alsoexpress it.

Take a deep breath.

Third-eye Chakra ---> Sight ---> Oneness

Located just above the center of your eyebrows, the Third-eye Chakra is the center of your intuition. The most common reports when this chakra is not balanced is lack of intuition, and connectivity to yourself.

Focus on dismantling the concept of separation. Everything is connected in one way or another. When you stop believing that we are all separate, you can then take advantage of your intuition. For more about enhancing intuition click here.

See, express, love, transcend, accept, exist.

Take a deep breath.

Crown Chakra ---> Manifest Life ---> Relinquish

The crown chakra is located at the very top of your head. It's the chakra gate that Reiki healers draw energy from, the connection to your higher-self, and the grand knowledge of life.

This is the toughest chakra to clear for many people. In the Heart chakra we are to embrace love, and everything we hold dear. In the Crown chakra we are to let go of everything we are attached to. Why is this hard?

For a mother trying to connect to this chakra, it may seem impossible to let go of her attachment to her children. If you clear this chakra, you will connect to your highest self. This higher you is what aids you to follow your divine path.

By letting go, you can begin to see a wider existence. Meaning- you can see a bigger picture to reality itself. The trick to the chakras is to embrace all of their characteristics, and letting go of the world you are physically attached to.

You're a metaphysical being having a physical experience.

Carrasquillo, A. (2017). Antojai Shamanic Wellness

Copyright © 2017 Antojai Shamanic Wellness, All rights reserved.

If you are still having trouble, check out this video taken from Avatar the Last Airbender.

This video is not created/edited by me. Also it is not monetized. I am just sharing the video so that everyone here can take benefit from this video. Idea is to spread happiness. So spread happiness by sharing it.

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