Do you feel like you need a boost in certain areas of your life? I sure was, and it took me on a wonderful journey!

It started shortly after I unlocked the Earth dialect of the Antojai Language. I had noticed that the reference of rose was coming up a lot through synchronicities...so I went on an intuitive hunt to discover my draw to rose.

I had noticed that my herbal garden was starting to send me intuitive guidance so strong that I just couldn't ignore it. The more I tried to ignore these callings, the more I felt drawn to doing whatever my garden was telling me to do. So I had no choice but to listen.

I began preparing my garden with more Antojai energy healing, and when my herbs were ready- I harvested their flower. I thanked them for letting me use their magical powers to manifest my reality, and went one to create the following potions.


1. It is super important to develop a loving relationship with your herbs. You can do this by giving your garden Antojai, Reiki, tree agate, moss agate, or lodolite quartz to enhance the magical properties of your herbs.