About Mystical Experiences

On Mystical experiences

Mystical experiences can happen to anyone at any time. Whether, or not you choose to accept how these experiences happened is completely personal. Some of the most powerfully common experiences include synchronistic moments, insightful dreams, and clairvoyant thoughts.

Synchronistic moments can be a really weird thing. Sometimes the experience can leave you so baffled that you begin to question the true weight of reality. These kinds of experiences are closely tied to the law of attraction and manifestation. Sometimes a person wants something so bad that all they think about is that target. Whether it’s a object, goal, or person. Your thoughts vibrate, just like everything else in the universe. Since vibrations impact the world and its physical operations, your thoughts are impacting your reality at all times. Summoning your deepest vibrational responses. If you think negative, you get more negative. If you think positive, you get more positive, (Bryne, 2017). That’s why there are those times where you thought so much about an event happening...for instance you wanted to spin a DJ gig, and suddenly things begin to shift so that you end up doing just that. You may meet the owner of a club in some random way who then tells you about his location, and how he just fired the last DJ for whatever reason. Here is the opportunity you have been waiting for! So you tell him you are a DJ and BAM! It’s really that easy. Now manifestation takes some time. Just because you think about it now doesn’t mean you will get it tomorrow. Things need to shift, and fall in place before they are of benefit to you. That’s why it’s important to continuously feed those thoughts of your positive desire, no matter what you may be facing at the time. These kinds of moments can really bring you a level of awe that makes you feel safe on all platforms because something is there working with you to get you to the next step.

Dreams are said to be communications from our subconscious. In reality they are so much more than that. Dreams are connected to your intuition, which is generated from your third eye, which is constantly aware of unspoken hidden information. Sometimes you dream with a totem and then find out that that dream was very related to whatever you are facing at that time. The totem meaning can even be guiding you to something. Usually people end up seeing the correlations between their dreams and symbolism. After this they usually begin to question if there are other entities that are serving humanity. Other times you may dream with a loved one who may be giving you advice, before the event that is being addressed happens. These kinds of experiences usually drive in deeper that there is a world after this one. Clearly your loved one still exists if they came to you in a dream and gave you the winning mega-million, or helped you avoid death. Usually the totem and other spiritual links like talking to loved ones happen one after the other. So it’s important to pay a