Manifesting true love

The forgotten true path to love

For many love is so strongly tied to the human experience that it is a necessity at some point. When we reach those moments, all else may seem bleak. We become obsessed, desperate, and many times settle for something less than ideal.

Now when I say ideal, I don’t mean having the perfect package with perfect personality, the income, the body, or whatever else you identify as the “perfect” partner. Why? Simple, because perfect doesn’t exist! Sometimes we meet a great match that eventually can seem perfect. Sometimes that person, or yourself are not completely harmonized at the time of meeting. This is because you are focused on the ideal situation, and you miss out on the best situations.


When you learn how to harmonize with the frequency of love, wonderful things can happen. You just have to let it happen, and be open to the true power of universal synchronicities.

Here’s my personal story, and outcome on love. I share it so that it gives you a perspective to the keys to your happiness.

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I once was engaged to someone I manifested forcefully out of desperation. Six months before our wedding, he decided to run off with someone who he was physically obsessed about. Turns out that the obsession lasted two weeks, but by then … I could see the true content of the individual I had imagined a future with.

At the time, I was completely destroyed. Depression, anxiety, confusion, and despair all took hold of me. I went down a dark abyss of personal pain. In this pain, I began manifesting another partner. Within weeks, he came into my life through synchronicities. I had known this person all through college, though he never caught my eye until I was in such deep despair. He was kind, caring, and shared my passion for art.

We quickly began spending time together, creating, adventuring, and well - all the stuff young couples do. I soon married him, not because I was desperate, but because he struck the right cords at the time, or so I thought.

After the honey moon phase, I realized with each passing day that my husband wasn’t really who I thought I married. His true colors began to show, and eventually chaos ensued. It ended HORRIBLY, more than before. I had lost myself, became homeless, and at the time ... the people closest to me. This lead me to a forced 6 month sabbatical alone.

I thought to myself, “Why me?” It was through meditation that I was able to identify a few major reasons! That is when I realized that I had myself to blame.

The energies you put out, attract like energies.

1.     I had not fully recovered from losing someone I thought would be a life partner. That level of chaotic energy brought to me my husband who had just stepped out of a long-term relationship himself. We gravitated towards each other like magnets!

2.     I didn’t, at the time, have love for myself, or clarity of what I truly wanted. I just didn’t want to be alone. The mass population doesn’t like being alone. Another energy my ex-husband was emanating. Misery loves company.

Since neither of us really concerned ourselves with the content of the person other than,” I want him to be attractive, and love art.” That’s exactly what we got, but our compatibility ended there. It was an abusive relationship.