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Manifesting true love

The forgotten true path to love

For many love is so strongly tied to the human experience that it is a necessity at some point. When we reach those moments, all else may seem bleak. We become obsessed, desperate, and many times settle for something less than ideal.

Now when I say ideal, I don’t mean having the perfect package with perfect personality, the income, the body, or whatever else you identify as the “perfect” partner. Why? Simple, because perfect doesn’t exist! Sometimes we meet a great match that eventually can seem perfect. Sometimes that person, or yourself are not completely harmonized at the time of meeting. This is because you are focused on the ideal situation, and you miss out on the best situations.


When you learn how to harmonize with the frequency of love, wonderful things can happen. You just have to let it happen, and be open to the true power of universal synchronicities.

Here’s my personal story, and outcome on love. I share it so that it gives you a perspective to the keys to your happiness.

Watch this video on Heart Coherence!

I once was engaged to someone I manifested forcefully out of desperation. Six months before our wedding, he decided to run off with someone who he was physically obsessed about. Turns out that the obsession lasted two weeks, but by then … I could see the true content of the individual I had imagined a future with.

At the time, I was completely destroyed. Depression, anxiety, confusion, and despair all took hold of me. I went down a dark abyss of personal pain. In this pain, I began manifesting another partner. Within weeks, he came into my life through synchronicities. I had known this person all through college, though he never caught my eye until I was in such deep despair. He was kind, caring, and shared my passion for art.

We quickly began spending time together, creating, adventuring, and well - all the stuff young couples do. I soon married him, not because I was desperate, but because he struck the right cords at the time, or so I thought.

After the honey moon phase, I realized with each passing day that my husband wasn’t really who I thought I married. His true colors began to show, and eventually chaos ensued. It ended HORRIBLY, more than before. I had lost myself, became homeless, and at the time ... the people closest to me. This lead me to a forced 6 month sabbatical alone.

I thought to myself, “Why me?” It was through meditation that I was able to identify a few major reasons! That is when I realized that I had myself to blame.

The energies you put out, attract like energies.

1.     I had not fully recovered from losing someone I thought would be a life partner. That level of chaotic energy brought to me my husband who had just stepped out of a long-term relationship himself. We gravitated towards each other like magnets!

2.     I didn’t, at the time, have love for myself, or clarity of what I truly wanted. I just didn’t want to be alone. The mass population doesn’t like being alone. Another energy my ex-husband was emanating. Misery loves company.

Since neither of us really concerned ourselves with the content of the person other than,” I want him to be attractive, and love art.” That’s exactly what we got, but our compatibility ended there. It was an abusive relationship.

3.      As a shaman, I have learned to grow accustomed to the monk lifestyle. During my sabbatical, I decided to never invest myself in anyone else ever again. I was here to help others heal, that was my mission.  I would rather be alone than in another relationship that physically and emotionally destroyed me. I communicated this truth, verbatim, to the universe one night amongst great darkness. “Universe, I never want to be in another romantic relationship again. Unless, the next person I meet in regards to romance truly understands me for the person I am, and my divine life mission. I don’t care what they look like. I don’t care anything other than that person being pure of heart, a great soul, and respectful of my identity. I would rather have an amazing soul during my final days, then someone who wants brought me the vanity of sexual and mental satisfaction. I only except a spiritual partner, fore-the skin is fleeting, and a true soul of light last forever.”

It was then that I let go of all my expectations of love, and I stopped looking for it all together.

About a month, or so after returning from my sabbatical, I met someone who I had no interest in other than friends online. Someone to talk to, since I was looking for that at the time.

Soon we ended up physically meeting for a drink since I was new in town, and he lived about two streets away.

Months passed, and one day we both acknowledged that we were not spending time with anyone else, but each other.

He was a very popular person, and so was I .. Yet he stole all of my time, and I his. Without me knowing, my friend was my main interest. I fell in love with my best friend. Someone who I would never have guessed to be the harmonizing soul that would embrace me for who I authentically was. Who also felt the same way about me, “just friends” when we met.

Had either of us been looking with the typical goggles people use to find a romantic relationship… We would have never found true love. Neither of us found the other attractive when we met, yet today it’s a completely different story.

We share such a strong bond due to the fact that we fell in love with the soul, that we share telepathy, and other metaphysical connections that we have never experienced with anyone else.

As time went on, my personal discovery of my authentic self lead me to the understanding that traditional relationship models are not my particular fit. I didn’t want an open relationship, I needed a monogamous polyamorous relationship. It was the only way to continue pursuing my authentic self. Due to the level of connection, and understanding we had for one another… He accepted my position, and supported me.

It was with these same techniques I used to find this partner, that led me to another. The same techniques of pure manifestation, and the law of attraction.

Today, I have two beautiful people by my side, supporting everything I do. In return I do the same. I go even further, using my shamanic mastery to improve their lives in any way that I can!

Years later, the concept of having true love in my life was a reality. Something I had given up on when I had lost all faith!


1. Love yourself

Do whatever you need to do love authentically yourself. It is only when you reach harmony with yourself that you can reach harmony with another. You will notice that once you love yourself authentically, others will notice as well. This inspires like minded potential partners to feel your energy, and pursue you.

2. Know the content of the soul you want to spend your life with.

True love doesn’t lay in the physical aspects of our reality, but in the metaphysical. All else follows shortly after. When you focus on the content of the soul you want to spend your life with, you bring the purest mates to you.

Would you rather look at someone 60 years from now and say one of two things: "What a beautiful soul I spent this time with." or, "They used to have all physical I loved." The truly lucky can say both.

3. Go with the flow, and be open!

Had we not been open, I would have never met either of my partners. Had we tried hunting for love, we would have ruled each other out as a possibility, and who knows we may have not even come into contact to begin with.

Go with the flow, be open, but don't try too hard. It's ok to have a few dating apps, and putting yourself out there! Just don't spend all your time trying to force a connection! That's exactly how you end up in a garbage relationship. Manifestation works best when you set your intention, and let the rest unfold!

4. Be grateful for what you have!

This will bring you happiness while you wait, and when your manifestation brings you a harmonize soul. By beginning to be grateful now you will start drawing in your match, and by being grateful after meeting them you will maintain a healthy relationship.

Gratefillness is one of the most strongest energies for the law of attraction, and manifestation!

5. Enjoy the content of your relationship, and forget about time. 

Don’t sweat the little stuff! Some relationships unknowingly focus on collecting years, than memories. Those are the relationships that seem to be operational, but both people are not happy.

Focus on the content you both provide to the relationship. This will ensure a longer lasting bond that deepens with time.

6. Let them be who they are if you want them to let you be who you are. 

Respect each other, and grow together. Know when you need to give them space, and when to give them love. Respect is the most crucial thing for any healthy relationship. This is why when you love yourself authentically, you can begin to appreciate your partner in the same way.

Sometimes, you need to give your significant other more space than you would like. Everyone needs this space to grow from time to time. When you respect these moments, your partner will take notice, return the favor, and grow fonder of you. So don't sweat it!

7. Meditate together, and love them like it was the last time you were going to see them.

Couples who mediate together share a deeper bond! With time most develop a level of telepathy they have never shared with anyone else. Practice being mindful in your relationship, live the day like it were the last with your beloved. This will enhance your relationship beyond comprehension.

This is my Valentine’s Day gift to you:

The ascended path to true love.

I’ve given this manifestation technique to many of my students, and the results have proven to be identical to my personal journey, over and over.

I send you love, and light.

Master Antojai

Carrasquillo, A. (2018). Antojai Shamanic Wellness

Copyright © 2018 Antojai Shamanic Wellness, All rights reserved.

Photo by David Núñez


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