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What’s your metaphysical subconscious like?

On the metaphysical subconscious

Ever wonder what your subconscious is like? Well here we go!

Your subconscious is like a computer that stores every experience you have ever had. It’s through here that these experiences become referenced regularly to make new decisions, and connections.

The thing is… people barely ever defragment, delete, or upgrade internal components to their hardware. This can lead to subconscious patterns that you just can’t get rid of, thoughts that perpetually haunt us, and ways of living that limit our authentic selves.

Your subconscious is always aware of everything that goes on within the subconscious, and conscious states. The conscious portion of yourself does have reverse access to the subconscious, but it is not easy. 

Your subconscious has a vested interest in preserving anything "SUB-You" believes to be crucial for your everyday survival. The problem is that your subconscious isn’t always right when it comes to preserving essential healthy components. It’s main interest is to keep the general machine in motion, NOT UPGRADING! The times your subconscious does get upgraded, is when a glitch is a complete hinderance. You can begin to imagine why this can become a problem if corrections are not delivered by a subconscious break!

The most fascinating thing is that a Antojai, Avid Reiki, or Ascended Master can begin to persuade the subconscious for the better.

Ascended Masters, and ANTOJAI Masters can directly access, interact, reason, and even induce a shift to the subconscious mind. ANTOJAI creates a cyclical detox of the energetic, and quantum portions of your true self. Ascended Masters can do much more with detail, taking you across various dimensions for personal enlightenment. Reiki masters can offer a level of healing that helps highlight the most immediate blockages within the subconscious, and help release some of the most damaging energy immediately affecting you.

Reiki, and other energy medicines don’t  directly confront imbalances within the subconscious with such ease as Antojai does.

The subconscious has the ability to change its form while you interact with it. Most commonly when threatened, the metaphysical subconscious takes on a labyrinth style representation. When not threatened it usually takes on the form of the ideal you! 

This is why it’s imparitive to know how to properly interact with the metaphysical subconscious. Trust me, I’ve spent hours...even months dealing with a labyrinth form ... for just one topic. Something that now, with ANTOJAI energy, takes me minutes. 


To make it simple... in multiple dimensions. This physical reality being one of them.

Some of you may be familiar with past life, and soul retrieval. People tend to think that this process is just tied to past lives. The soul is made up of all your previous subconscious states from past lives. The truth, is that your subconscious is part within you, within your current past, past lives, the future, and other dimensions. The ultimate you is manifested when you assemble these knowledges.

Humanity is still trying to define what consciousness is. So, it's no surprise that we have only a fragmented understanding of what our subconscious really is. Due to this, millions of people feel various forms of metaphysical disorientation. Some feel like they don't want to be on this planet (not to be confused with suicidal), others feel like they are trapped in past times, and some can't connect with humanity anymore. All because portions of our metaphysical subconscious are trapped elsewhere in a form of perpetual purgatory. Ultimately, robbing us of our authentic-selves.

If you, or a Master properly conducts a high energy healing such as Antojai... they can completely bypass the initial interaction the subconscious tries to mirror as a Firewall. Landing in a dimensional hub, where your subconscious likes to reside called the "Inner Sanctuary". It is here were a Master can communicate with a completely vulnerable subconscious-you.


The easiest way to begin to self-heal is through the Heart Chakra since it is tied to the past. It's always best to try some self-healing before seeing a healer, as this can produce better results.

If you know Reiki, then you can meditate on the Heart Chakra, while applying a laser reiki beam to this area. Ask the Heart chakra to help you identify, and resolve anything it can ... so that you regain lost portions of yourself. I do this by analyzing problem I am dealing with currently. Whether within myself, or externally. When I identify the most pressing issue, I communicate with my Heart Chakra. I ask it to send me to the time of the issue, or to help me understand it.

The key is to give into the chakra, and let it guide you. Many people get stuck because they feel like they are supposed to experience something in particular. A voice telling you (2+2=4), or maybe that the issue just disappears. Everyone has a different experience, and sometimes it may take some time to begin the journey.

Sometimes the chakra will help by making you relive the root of the blockage, or maybe it will take you to the metaphysical land known as the "Inner Sanctuary". Here is where you would directly confront yourself, and your entirety.

With the help of an Ascended, or Antojai Master you can further your healing by having them work on your Stellar Gateway Chakra. They will usually work with other chakra centers tied to subconscious fragments as well. They won't limit themselves just to the chakras, as they will also transcend multiple dimensions to bring back portions of yourself to this reality.


This is only scratching the surface of the metaphysical subconscious. It would be impossible to write it all in one article, but I do plan on releasing more content as we expand.

Master Antojai

Carrasquillo, A. (2018). Antojai Shamanic Wellness

Copyright © 2018 Antojai Shamanic Wellness, All rights reserved.

Photo by Martin Sattler


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