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Cycles of 10 Breathing

Concentration and Memory exercise

The most basic of all meditations consists of observing one's train of

thoughts. Before one can control a thing, one must become aware of a

thing. So one seeks to distinguish between the consciousness and what

occupies it. Meditations of this type come in many forms. One of the most

basic is the cycles of 10 breathing meditation. This one finds this the

most useful beginner's meditation.

One simply sits in a comfortable position (but not too comfortable you do

not wish to sleep), and breaths in and out at a normal pace, and that

constitutes a count of one. Continue to count until you reach 10 sets of

breathing in and breathing out. Then start the next set as one. If you

lose count, or find yourself counting 11 or 12, simply start again with

one and try to stop at 10 during the next cycle.

I would suggest you try to do this for at least five minutes to start.

Continue for the whole five minutes, even if you lose count. For normal

human breathing this should consist of about 11 to 13 cycles of 10. Once

you can easily do each cycle without flaw, add more cycles. You may add

as many as you wish, but if you find yourself easily finishing 75 or more

cycles you may wish to consider moving on to a more difficult exercise.

When you start this you may find your mind a raging torrent of unruly

thoughts, or you may find yourself worrying about the days events. When

this happens simply acknowledge you have lost track and begin again. In

doing this you will become aware of what fills your mind during your

waking hours.

Copyright 1997, by Robert L. Zook II, all rights reserved.

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