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5 Core Values That Help Define Spirituality

Spiritual Development and Growth Advice

Five core values I hold that help me define my spirituality are honesty, authenticity, openness, love, and the requirement to evolve. These are things I have learned through life experiences, my mentors, and my own meditations.

The first is to be honest with your reality and every detail in it. That means accepting the things that are hard to accept, being honest with yourself about your faults that may be negative for your growth, be honest with people in your day to day life, and accept that the constant honest law of the universe is change. By lying to myself I do no good to my growth. I may baby myself to a point of no return! Man, is it hard at times to accept the truth…but with time you train your soul to do this with ease and swiftness. By accepting living by a honest viewpoint you can see things about yourself and your reality that no one else is aware of. You feel less stress because you don’t have to keep in mind certain stories. You begin deleting the top layer of noise that blocks your highest vibrations, and in turn everything else around you takes notice. Shifting your reality for a better wellness.

Next that follows is authenticity. When you are honest with yourself you can then begin to be authentic with yourself. To be authentic is to know your true needs, intentions, and from where your impulses originate from. For instance, a person who is authentic with themselves finds it easier to communicate as it leads to less complication later. Authenticity is to be who you are, and not the person society wants you to be. This is a hard core to follow as the world is constantly trying to influence our true nature, but once you come to understand the becomes second nature to follow your own path. Authenticity is not to be selfish. It is knowing exactly who you are, how you got there, and what you need to move forward. These aspects of the authentic self are immediately tied to love, socializing, and culture. To pursue the authentic self while ignoring life and its factors is to be caught in a perpetual lie. It is through love, friendship, kindness, and unity that the highest levels of self-authenticity are attained. To attain that level of self-understanding one must let go of selfishness, and become selfless. For it is when we relinquish ourselves that we can see ourselves from a new vantage point.

The authentic self knows that to become more refined, one must be open to new experiences. Openness is one of the next most important aspects to living authentically. One must try to constantly expose themselves to new philosophies, knowledge, ideas, cultures, people, and environments. It’s through these moments that we explore new portions of ourselves we never knew existed. By being open you learn how to understand deeper aspects within your reality.

Love is a force that has been described in many cultures as the most powerful emotions of humanity. Honesty allows you to see yourself for who you really are. Authenticity helps you live in a manner so the you can pursue resonating paths. Openness grants you the ability to interpret more information. Love allows you to harmonize with your environment. It’s by expanding your capacity to love that you grow to the highest levels of enlightenment. Love is positivity, and brings your reality to a higher vibration. This in effect works to help you attain you deepest desires. Love allows for new opportunities to grow.

Finally, there is the need to continuously evolve. These first four core values will get you only so far. It is your duty to force yourself to evolve on as many planes as possible. By forcing yourself to evolve you will gain a higher level of consciousness that opens the door to manifestation. Evolve your home, your company, creativity, habits, ways of thinking, anything! Only your soul will know what direction to take.

Master Antojai

Carrasquillo, A. (2017). Antojai Shamanic Wellness

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Photo by Richard Rader, The Organization of House Antojai

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