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Evolving Past Deep Seeded Anger

Soul Retrieval Exercise

Anger is one of the strongest emotions next to hate. When we lack control over our anger, it can take us down a path that only hinders our growth. Maybe it was someone who said something, or maybe a life event that you don’t agree with; no matter which way you look at it…anger is impairing your health, soul, and progress. The best methods I have found for this are self-study, and group therapy, (Seaward, 2013).

Sometimes our anger originates from something deep within our subconscious. The somewhere doesn’t matter in this instance, just the something that caused you that emotional response. Anger can be like a shark. Lurking in the shadows for the right moment to strike, and feed. With patients who experience PTSD from childhood experiences, an effective meditation I developed addresses, confronts, and depowers the emotional response that triggers that flashback.

Mental Control Exercise:

1. The next time you have a flashback about a unresolved matter that brings you anger - stop it right in its tracks. Pause it like you would a film.

2. Analyze why this moment brings you this anger. Study the event from every character’s perspective, even the third person narrator.

3. When you feel like you have a clear enough understanding, talk to that version of you trapped within the memory. Reason with that version of yourself and explain to them the true premise of the situation from your now distant future self. Depending on how determined your subconscious is on holding on to this anger, is whether or not you will have to try this exercise multiple times until it is resolved internally.

4. When accomplished, the memory that haunted you suddenly disappears. It stops reoccurring because you resolved it at its time. Many times, anger gets the best of us because we decided not to communicate our true feelings at the time needed. We then become resentful, which fuels our anger. This anger takes valuable time from our personal development by making us dwell on the matter. That same anger can then bring us depression, anxiety, stress, and sometimes insomnia. Other symptoms may come from repressed emotions like physical pains that can’t be pinpointed with modern equipment; due to the astral body is damaged, (Carrasquillo, 2017).

The next best exercise is to lay down in a quiet place where no one will bother you. Take a few deep breathes, and start to recall certain emotions (in this case anger). As you summon this feeling, take notice of where you feel it in your body. Notice what the sensations are. Now think of any physical problems you may be facing due to this emotion. If nothing physical is present, then think about how it impairs your functioning and thinking. By doing this exercise you will experience first-hand how your emotions effect you on a spiritual, mental, and physical level. You can do this exercise with any emotion. The more you try it, the better you will get at understanding yourself, your triggers, and how to stop these negative frequencies from affecting you, (Mills, 2017).

These exercises are great within a group system as you can gather other viewpoints for your understanding. If groups, or a partner are difficult to find or afford, these exercises and many more can help you heal yourself. The power of your own health lies within the harmony of your mind. Master that, and all else will follow. Programs like Shamanic Counseling, Alcoholics Anonymous, Mediation Therapy, and Conflict Counseling have shown to have a deep level of spirituality which impacts individuals to make, and support mind/body/soul progression.

Master Antojai

Carrasquillo, A. (2017). Antojai Shamanic Wellness

Copyright © 2017 Antojai Shamanic Wellness, All rights reserved.

Photo by Austin Chan


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