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Healing Jars

Relieve anxiety, stress, depression, and promote self-love.

1. Find a nice quiet spot where no one will bother you.

2. Lay, or sit down with your spine straight and your hands on your lap, palm towards the sky.

3. Relax, and visualize a jar/bowl in each hand. Take all of your negative experiences from past relationships and other ties to love, directing it into the jar in your right hand. Take this time to come to terms with the past, the lessons you learned, and let go of the things that you no longer need. When you feel like the jar in your right hand is full, gently close it into a fist.

4. In your left hand, begin feeling the jar with all of the positive experiences you had from those relationships. Take a second to reflect on the things you learned, the things you'll always carry with you, and feel all of that positivity. When the jar and your left hand is full, close it into a fist.

5. Now slowly bring both of them together, opening them up as they come into contact with each other. Let the positive energy recycle the negative energy. When you open your hands, you should see a symbol. This symbol is unique to you and it represents all of your love energy. Remember this symbol. Call it/draw it whenever you feel like you need a positive boost of energy. Put any residual negative energy that may be in your right hand into a cup of water and discard.

Carrasquillo, A. (2017). Antojai Shamanic Wellness

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