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How to find a reliable Psychic that works for you!

Hey everyone,

So, I am writing this new post due to the increasing complaints I hear about people going to Psychics who didn’t know what they were doing. Many of my clients see an immediate difference when they come to me for their reading after seeing someone else. So if you are not in the Detroit area, I want to help you find someone in your area that is WORTH YOUR TIME & MONEY!

Don't forget, I do online video & phone distance readings for people all around the world.


Really fast:

  • Psychics are people who have extra sensory abilities, but this does not mean they are Masters, or Mediums.

  • Mediums tend to be Female, but are not limited to the female sex. Many elitist will preach that only women can be mediums. FALSE! Mediums tend to be connected to afterlife energies. All mediums are not the same. Some just deal with the dead, others dabble in various arts.

  • Ascended Masters are mostly Male, but not limited to the male sex. Ascended Masters are connected to the frequencies of life & reality. Like myself, we tend to do a lot of education, awakening, and research of ancient knowledge; combining it with discoveries found in Quantum Science. Our goal is to help the human race evolve. Ascended Masters are undeniable. You know when you are around one without question because their energy is so strong they instantly calm you, or make you feel power in the room. Ascended Masters are not all the same either as we each have dedicated ourselves to a particular study of quantum shamanism.

The first thing you need to do before scheduling any appointment, is to do some online research. You will notice that a true psychic with “accurate-sight” will have high ratings, and reviews across various platforms. Most of their work maybe on their website. If there is a nice blend of Facebook, Yelp, Google, or other reviews to back up their site testimonials; you can rest assured there is credibility about this readers skills.

Some shops have readers they switch out seasonally. These shops can easily fool you. Especially, if they sell other products. This is because the shop is riding off its general name, not the quality of readers they provide.

Pay attention to the reader’s energy when you first meet them. Many times, you can feel the presence of a powerful reader through their profile, and photos. There’s just a draw to them. Psychics that are good at what they do, have a energy that lets you know they’re connected. You might just intuitively know that the reader is proficient, or you may just feel it. Mediums and Masters will have a chakra presence that assures you they are connected to a higher source.

Let’s pretend you are now sitting down with this reader to begin. The reader has to “Warm-Up” - Leave, this person is not good at the craft! A true reader should be able to start fortune telling almost immediately. Especially, if they use Tarot, Runes, Tracing, or Angels. Why? When a reader is truly one with their spiritual tools, there is no “warm-up” needed. The tool is one with its reader, an extension of the self. Readers that use Spirits may have a lag time between answers as they are relying on someone else. Still no warm up needed, they just take a second to answer each question- sort of like being on dialup.

If any reader, ASSURES YOU that something will absolutely happen; Leave!

Fortunes are tied to reality; reality is tied to multiple dimensions; we constantly surf between these dimensions as we manifest our desires. You can change direction at any time if you decide to go against the grain of your current reality-set.

Fate does not exist, but Destiny does. Fate is having no control over what happens. Everything is preplanned, and can’t be changed. Destiny though, is the path to your true-self. Your true self can change with your growth and manifestations. Destiny adapts to your growth. Though we surf different demensions within the same universe, a Destiny is still there. Your destiny has just been modified to fit the final reality you reach.

A reader can truely only say that there is a high-possibility a particular outcome may/will happen...unless something is altered.

If they say they can do a spell to fix your problems...Leave. Spells have more whiplash than benefits. Some readers can help you by giving you energy healing, or counseling so that you surf towards a dimension that is aligned with your true self.

Some psychics will leave their answers open-ended or half answered so that you are forced to come again and finish the reading. This person is scamming you. A reader should answer all the questions you came in with. You may end up asking more as the session goes on, where if time runs out you will have to schedule a new appointment for your new questions. This is normal.

Finally, if the reader made you feel secure, answered, and centered - LEAVE THEM A REVIEW! This ensures that they can reach more people who actually need their services. You are also helping weed out any fakes, and those who are not adept to help the public.

Thanks for reading this post. Make sure to share with anyone you know who is looking for a psychic, or loves to visit psychics. Hope this helps you on your journey, wherever you are in the world.

Master Antojai

Carrasquillo, A. (2017). Antojai Shamanic Wellness

Copyright © 2017 Antojai Shamanic Wellness, All rights reserved.

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