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30 Day Advanced Shaman Training

Way of the Shaman, Mediumship, & Psychic Training

Days 1-6: Nature Cleansing Meditation

 Nature can seriously do everyone some good. It clears your mind, relaxes you, and energizes you. The colors, smells, sounds, and experiences you have in nature all impact your mind, body and spirit. It’s vital to do these types of exercises regularly as they can bring you long lasting positive effects.

. Here’s how to do it:

1.     Find a nice quiet place you won’t be bothered. Preferably away from city noises so that you can immerse yourself deeper into the practice.

2.     Relax your entire body, and begin to let go of all thoughts tied to your life, humanity, anything non-nature oriented. The best tactic for this I have found is to pretend that today is the last day of the world, and all else doesn’t matter anymore.

3.     When you feel like you have achieved a sense of serenity, close your eyes and listen to the environment around you. Become it.

4.     Feel what it is like to be nature. Forget humanity and its complications.  Spend as long as you would like doing this. You may also enjoy sitting amongst plants/trees, and pretending to be one of them. Experiencing reality from different viewpoints.

Days 7-15: Chakra Focus Meditation

 Nature connects you to your chakras. Your chakras hold a lot of your physical and mental health. When you connect to your chakras you not only feel better, but you understand yourself better. A clear connection can clear up complications you have been dealing with internally, and externally. When you connect to your chakras and nature, life has new meaning.

1.     Find a nice quiet place you won’t be bothered.

2.     Relax your body, and begin feeling your body. Connect with it as deep as you can.

3.     Now start focusing on your pelvis, and that it’s emanating a cherry red. Imagine it’s a red sphere. When you feel like it’s ready (your body will tell you) move on to your navel area.

4.     Again, focus on a sphere in this location, this time a nice fruit orange. When you feel ready move on to the solar plexus.

5.     Focus on happy yellow then move to the center of your chest where your heart would be. Focus on green this time. Then your throat, and the color blue.

6.     Next, move to your third eye, just above your eyebrows in the middle. Focus on Indigo.

7.     Move to the center of the top of your head, where you put a crown. Focus on the purest white light coming in from this point feeding all your previously worked chakras.

8.     Do this for 30 – 60 mins, or longer if you wish.

Days 16-22: Subconscious Diving

 Your subconscious holds all of your current life, and past life memories. If you don’t regularly push yourself to clean it out, you have lingering problems that seem to never leave. By diving into your subconscious you can change your life for the better and rid yourself of negative habits, memories, and thoughts. To be constantly at a serene state, you must know who you are, and where you generate your current self.

1.     Find a relaxing spot where you can sit, or lay down uninterrupted.

2.     Relax, and take a few deep breathes. Let go of all the thoughts of the day, and all the stresses in your life that are currently present.

3.     Ask yourself a question such as, “Why am I angry when …; Why do I…etc” Let your mind and soul take you to the place where that habit, thought, or memory resides in your subconscious. Don’t try to control where you go as you will fail in reaching the true location of the negative pattern.

4.     If taken to a memory, try to resolve the situation from your current point of view. If taken to a thought, dissect it. If dealing with negative habits, ask for light to rid you of them. Address anything that comes up, and breathe if it is heavy/hard.

5.     Do this for as long as you can. Your subconscious has timed files, meaning you can only spend so long at the location to correct the pattern. It make take you several times to correct the pattern.

Days 23-30: Celestial Mediation 

Now that you have connect with the environment, your chakras, and yourself…it’s time to take it to the skies. When you are in harmony with yourself on these multiple levels, you can access hidden information and healing light. This will take you to new heights of understanding of reality, and everything that encompasses matter. A truly powerful experience.

1.     Relax somewhere quiet and private.

2.     Take deep breathes, letting go of everything. If you find it hard to do this, start by doing 5 – 10 minutes of the previous three meditations until you reach this state of complete open harmony.

3.     Let yourself go completely. Let the universal energies take you to the celestial realms.

4.     The amount of time you spend there is completely dependent on how long you can maintain a trance, or however long the information that is being delivered to you takes.

5.     You can do this, multiple times a day. Just make sure to always center yourself after every experience so that you absorb the lessons and light given to you.

6.     Reflect on what you experienced.

Master Antojai

Carrasquillo, A. (2017). Antojai Shamanic Wellness

Copyright © 2017 Antojai Shamanic Wellness, All rights reserved.


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