30 Day Advanced Shaman Training

Way of the Shaman, Mediumship, & Psychic Training

Days 1-6: Nature Cleansing Meditation

 Nature can seriously do everyone some good. It clears your mind, relaxes you, and energizes you. The colors, smells, sounds, and experiences you have in nature all impact your mind, body and spirit. It’s vital to do these types of exercises regularly as they can bring you long lasting positive effects.

. Here’s how to do it:

1.     Find a nice quiet place you won’t be bothered. Preferably away from city noises so that you can immerse yourself deeper into the practice.

2.     Relax your entire body, and begin to let go of all thoughts tied to your life, humanity, anything non-nature oriented. The best tactic for this I have found is to pretend that today is the last day of the world, and all else doesn’t matter anymore.

3.     When you feel like you have achieved a sense of serenity, close your eyes and listen to the environment around you. Become it.

4.     Feel what it is like to be nature. Forget humanity and its complications.  Spend as long as you would like doing this. You may also enjoy sitting amongst plants/trees, and pretending to be one of them. Experiencing reality from different viewpoints.