How to develop your intuition

Intuitive Training 

It’s hard to connect to your intuition. Especially, with so many different articles telling you how to start using it. The truth is that there is no one way to connect to your intuition, but there are some theories that are more effective than others. I am going to share the way my grandmother (a master medium) showed me how to connect at age 7, and other techniques that I learned from the various shaman masters I have trained under. I will also be introducing my own techniques for further development.

What is your intuition?

It’s the feeling that tells you not trust someone who later turns out to be a bad influence. It’s the gut feeling you get when you make a decision that is in true alignment with your authentic-self. It’s the voice in the back of your head that tells you which way to go. Your intuition is directly connected to your higher-self. Your higher-self is always trying to connect with you for the better. It’s up to you to listen, trust it, and know what is personal thought from your intuition.

How to connect:

 1. Be true to yourself 

Start paying attention to how you really feel about things. Ignore the input you may feel from other people. The best way to connect to your intuition is to truly follow your hearts desire. Now, this does not give you a freebie to be a douche, or inconsiderate of others. 

The theory: is listening to yourself first. This will allow you to detach from what you feel like you are obligated to do for the sake of others. You can’t always do this in wise judgement, but you will notice you sacrifice yourself a lot to make others happy. In effect, you ignore your intuition, thus disconnecting from your higher self. This is the best way to start fighting those questions that make you wonder what actually came from your intuition. When you follow your intuition, you feel a slight energy change, just pay attention. Your sacral chakra located at your naval may spin harder, or you may feel that the anxiety of the question goes away when you decide to do a particular action. With time you should figure it out. Do this for 30days.