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The path of alternative healing

Taking healing into your own hands!

I see a lot of people yearly, and one thing I feel like I have to address is… ALTERNATIVE MODES OF HEALING TAKE TIME!

Western medicine usually seems to have a cure for a symptom, but as many have discovered… it’s really only a Band-Aid, than a cure. I by no means shoot down Western medicine! I only highlight that it isn’t for everyone, and that many times it should be used as a tool ... not a complete crutch.

The deepest healing won’t be done for you because YOU are the driving force behind your own wellness.

Some, do not possess the willpower to pursue their own healing. For them, western methods  provide an immediate and easy answer. For those not comfortable with western ideas… the major difference is a complete 180! Alternative methods can produce rewarding and long-lasting shifts; but they require time, understanding, patience, and effort.

You have to be determined to heal yourself entirely. You have to be determined to be dedicated to your healing. You do this by following the homework, being patient while you find your answers, and understanding that you can do this! 

The key here, is to remember that this is just like the gym. When you want a beach body, or to lose weight ... You put in the work, wait the time, and read the results. You cannot buy the answer to make you the idea physical you. Guess what! You can’t buy your spiritual authenticity in one or two alternative medicine sessions.

A new prescription sometimes can take a few weeks to fully  begin receiving all the properties that benefit.

If you can except that your answers can be found with willpower, then Shamanic alternative healing is something for you!

Throughout the years, healing countless people, I have come to understand that many mental imbalances come from imbalances within the human subconscious. This is partly caused by traumas within life, and reoccurring restrictions caused to your authentic self by other habitual patterns.

Your mind is like computer. If you have a virus that bugs you… You run a program to find, isolate, and correct the problem. An alternative healer is the program that helps you search, isolate the corrupt files within your system, and gives you the procedure to delete the imbalance if possible. Again, only YOU can delete the actual problem.

When you understand you’re healing in this light, you can truly understand the dynamics of alternative healing. You can delete harmful files with Eastern alternative methods, or you can choose to isolate the files indefinitely with Western methods.

Ideally, you want a mix of both styles of treatment for a proper transition to a better you!

Isolate    +    Delete    ———-        ———-    =    Balance Western  +  Eastern                     Alternative  

Master Antojai

Carrasquillo, A. (2018). Antojai Shamanic Wellness

Copyright © 2018 Antojai Shamanic Wellness, All rights reserved.

Photo by Sam Austin


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